Life Got in the Way | By: Arlene G. Cohen

So sorry we never got to have that coffee
we always promised to have
at those accidental meetings
that found us sharing like old friends…

Sitting waiting for infusions, me in my scarf and you in your wig!
We both smiled at each other and I thought you were just
accompanying a friend…
And, we both knew Rachael Black from our days at Boeing…
Soon, goodbye, as our names were called…
but, your strength stuck with me.

Fast forward…
There you were again… another accidental meeting
in that all too familiar 3rd Floor waiting room…
You were so excited to be done
and I was just about to join you in bidding goodbye to that chapter.
You gave me hope that my hair really would come back
and we promised to have coffee one day…
But, life got in the way…

Fast forward again…
Sheer delight at another accidental meeting…
Bed, Bath and Beyond…..  you with a shopping bag
and me looking for who knew what?
This time, my hair was 2 inches and you were back in a wig
and we were both positive it was only temporary.
You so kindly encouraged me to go visit a beauty salon when I was
sure the fluff on my head was hopeless… You were so right!
Again we promised to have coffee…
But, yet again, life got in the way.

Fast forward yet again…
Sadly, I missed our ever promised coffee by a day…
Life got in the way and then…
your life was over…..

I’m so sad I let my life get in the way of sharing even a small bit more
of yours.

I will miss you…
your wonderful smile,
your strong core,
your compassion
And, those accidental meetings that meant so very much to me.

May you rest in peace my accidental friend…

Arlene is a mom, grandmom, retired librarian looking for projects, traveler always planning the next trip, hiker looking for waterfalls, an avid reader and cancer survivor…. in that order!

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1 Response to Life Got in the Way | By: Arlene G. Cohen

  1. Susan Olds says:

    True words, how we take life for granted. Sometimes we even adapt to having cancer as just another episode “to get through”. But when you are living with stage 4 cancer, your face is pressed as close as possible to the window of life. Every day is a blessing. Yet there’s also this sense of urgency…how much more time will I have? Will I make it to my 60th birthday, take that trip with my husband, become a grandmother? There is no “new normal” with stage 4. It’s a constatntly shifting landscape, one that challenges our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional state on a daily basis.
    Take heart survivors! Be thankful for each and every moment. And most of all, love others and yourself as you journey into the unknown. Your life is your legacy.
    Susan Olds

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