Possibilities | By: Judy Sloniker

Her left breast
my left breast
my daughter’s left breast
The left being closer to the heart
(than the right)
After my first diagnosis, I was
constantly searching for the cause,
the symbolism.
The breast, from which I fed my two babies,
the eroticism surrounding the breast
in art and in real life.
I came to the conclusion that my breast
symbolized nourishment
and was I being nourished
by my family, my job, my church, the world?
Did I nourish myself?
Was I capable of doing so?
I began to change my behavior
asking for what I wanted, what I needed.
It’s been a steep learning curve.
I’m still trying.

Judy is a retired R.N., mother and grandmother who enjoys her writing group and walking in her neighborhood.

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1 Response to Possibilities | By: Judy Sloniker

  1. zumpoems says:

    Very effective and personal with such an important message.

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