Arts and Healing Network Awards: Honoring the Next Generation

If you’re between the ages of 18 – 35 and creating art as a result of your cancer experience, consider applying for the Arts and Healing Network award! Each year, they “honor artists who are truly making a difference in the world by using the creative process to heal and transform themselves, a community and/or the planet. Each recipient of an AHN Award receives a one-time monetary gift, as well as being featured on their Web site.”

“‘HONORING THE NEXT GENERATION’ awards of $5000 will be granted to 1-4 artists who are using art to heal and who are between the age of 18 and 35. The Arts & Healing Network wants to invest in the future of the art and healing movement by supporting young artists who have shown themselves to be real changemakers. They are especially looking for artists whose work is innovative and deeply inspiring. A big component of that is having a strong online presence–i.e. a web site or blog that articulately explains the work being created. They are interested in all forms of art and healing including environmental art, activist art, art that builds community, art in healthcare settings, and art for personal/collective healing.”

You can learn more about the AHN Award and see examples of past awardees here.

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