Lonely | By: Ashley Blair Doyle

Mixed media/digital illustation of Ashley's experience with chemo

By: Ashley Blair Doyle

My name is Ashley. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 28 in January 2012. I live on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia with my fiancé Mike and two crazy felines. I have been sharing my cancer recovery story on my blog. It has definitely been like therapy to me to just say what I need to say and get things off my chest. It has also been helpful to keep family and friends in the loop with how I am doing. And now I am getting back into doing some artwork too as part of my therapeutic recovery process.

This mixed media/digital illustration piece was sparked by the topic “lonely” on Illustration Friday. Illustration Friday is an online community where people are challenged to share their artistic  interpretation of a new topic posted on their Web site each Friday.

It has been a long time since I have participated in the weekly challenge. Mostly because cancer has sorta taken the front seat these days and everything else has been put on the back burner. But now that I am settling into a new house I have been able to spend time creating and doing some art again. This illustration I did of myself during chemotherapy was really just something that I had been planning to do…waiting for some inspiration to come. I was also waiting for the right topic to come up on Illustration Friday. I wanted something that related to how I felt during the treatments. Capturing myself in “the chair” was perfect for the topic “lonely”… It is so tough to go through chemo. Even once you get used to it you really can feel very much alone even when you are surrounded by a ton of people who love and support you. I felt especially lonely and lost after my treatments were done because I had gotten used to that routine. It was kind of like I had been sentenced to jail since my diagnosis in January and now I was being told I could go and be free. And yet I didn’t really know how to leave my jail cell. A lot of mixed and confused emotions really hit me and no one truly understands that unless they have gone through it themselves.

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